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The Campaign to Re-Elect Mayor Sexton

A Proven Leader

Meet Steve

My wife of 28 years, Lisa and I chose Burlington as the place to raise our children in 2001. We now have 4 amazing kids from 20 to 11. It has been great to see them grow into their own individual person, yet they all share the values we have worked hard to instill in them. We are excited to see where their paths continue to lead them.

I held my first job when I was 12 years old, as a cook frying fish in a restaurant owned by a family friend. I continued to work in the restaurant industry, putting myself through Western Washington University. When I earned my degree in Political Science, I was the first Sexton in my family to do so. After college, I spent a few years in the restaurant business as a General Manager of Mitzel's American Kitchen in Mount Vernon.  I left that role to become a licensed Realtor, and eventually managed an office in Bellingham for Century 21. 

In addition to serving as Mayor, I also spent 20 years as a mortgage banker.  For 15 of those years was I owned and operated my own net branch of a mortgage company and myself and my staff specialized in doing VA home loans for Veterans all over the US. It was a rewarding period of my career helping those that gave so much to all of us. 

Since becoming Mayor in 2012, I have also achieved the Certificate of Municipal Leadership from the Association of Washington Cities.