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The last 8 years

Over the last 8 years, Burlington has seen many improvements in our city, and more services brought to our citizens. Here is a rundown of what has been accomplished in that time:

Fire Department: I want to say a bit about the Burlington Fire Department. When I took office, we had "career" staff on M-Fr from 9-5, with volunteers on in the evening and weekends. It was a fractured department that was struggling. Ambulance service was provided by the Central Valley Ambulance Authority. Today, we have a staff of 24 full time Firefighter/Paramedics. We provide full service for Fire and EMS/ambulance as well as Public Education programs. But it is more than just the growth in numbers we have experienced. The culture of the organization has completely changed. To illustrate this: when the 4 cities took over EMS (ambulance service) from CVAA, there were 34 paramedics that we had committed to offering jobs. The 4 cities asked all the paramedics to rank the cities 1-4 that they would like to work for. 24 of the 34 had Burlington as #1, or #2. That change in culture has transformed our Fire Department from the fractured, struggling department it was a few short years ago to THE place firefighter/paramedics want to spend their careers. There is a lot for us to be proud of in the men and women that serve us in our Fire Department.  

Police Department:  Our Police Department averages 10,000 calls for service annually. Over the last 8 years, that is nearly 80,000 calls for service. Over that same time span, there has been one excessive use of force complaint filed, and that was withdrawn after the complainant and officer had a chance to talk about what happened. We should all be proud of the way these men and women represent our city when asked to deal with some of the most difficult situations regularly. 

Library:  Every year our library staff has added fun and exciting programs to promote reading and learning at all levels. Staff is always looking for ways to engage our community to learning, through Quidditch Fest to Touch a Truck, they are living up to their Mission Statement..."Burlington Public Library inspires, empowers, and connects our community".  over the past years our Library staff has serviced over 1 Million visitors, and average of 150,000 per year.

Public Works: From our new intersection on Fairhaven Ave. in downtown to improvements on Burlington Blvd., to our award winning Sewer Department, Public Works is actively improving the quality of life for all our citizens and making Burlington the place in Skagit County to do business. Over the last 8 years, we have been able to leverage $2 million of city funds to get over $12 Million in projects funded. 

Information Technology: In 2014, I proposed to the IT department that we expand our city fiber network beyond the city buildings that were connected. We have since been able to expand that service to our business parks, hooking up nearly 30 businesses to broadband service with our partnerships with private Internet Service Providers. We also have made Skagit River Park and Burlington Blvd.  free wi-fi zones. Now when we have soccer tournaments with 200+ teams, folks can log onto our wi-fi and their landing page advertises Burlington businesses, making it easier for them to shop with us while they are in town. 

Parks and Recreation: Leadership in the P&R department has brought new programs like our Pop-Up parks, Skagit Summer nights concert series, and Movies in the Park to the citizens and visitors to our city. The P&R department is currently undergoing a Parks and Rec Outdoor Space Plan (PROS Plan) that involves much community input into how we all want our parks to look in the future. 

Planning: In the last 2 years, our Planning Department has updated our entire Municipal Code, and is also in the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan which is a 20 year plan for projected growth in Burlington. Also, they have kept up on plans and permits for the large commercial and residential growth we are seeing in the city. Over the last 8 years, I have heard many times from developers that they look forward to working in Burlington due in large part of the staff we have on board. 

Fire Marshal: Two years ago we sent out Fire Marshal and Building Official to training on inspection of suppression systems in commercial hoods, typically found in restaurants. It was an eye opening experience, as we found the inspections we had relied on for many years were insufficient. This is nothing exclusive to Burlington, but common throughout the region, state, and other states as well. Through the efforts of our staff, not only are we working to get the 92 commercial suppression systems in Burlington verified as to their compliance, but also have educated Fire Marshals from around the state, the State Fire Marshal's office, the State Attorney General's Office, and others on conducting a thorough inspection. This is an important life and safety issue for all of us, and I am proud that our staff from Burlington is leading the way to better compliance throughout the Northwest. 

Again, I would like to thank the Leadership Team we have in our city departments, the City Council for their continued support, and all of you for your support.