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The next 4 years

Fire Department:  One of the most serious hazards facing the city of Burlington comes through our city by rail, and via I-5. There is no real coordinated response team for a hazardous material incident, and with the ability and capacity of our Fire department, we can be the leaders in developing such a unit in collaboration with the refineries and other agencies. 

Police Department:  One of our biggest challenges within our Police Department is recruiting and retaining officers. We are working on creative ideas to not only attract but keep high quality officers on our force. Over the next 4 years, we will be initiating more training for our officers to effectively deal with the homeless problem that impacts our city like others in our region. What is being done in so many other areas obviously is not working, so our task is to find new ideas that will. This will require further collaboration with other cities, counties, and the state to have any real impact. 

Library: We are currently going through a strategic planning process for our library, and we are excited to see the results from our community outreach meetings. Plans are in place to expand literacy programs, working to obtain a library card for every student in the Burlington Edison school district. 

Information Technology: Plans are in place to expand fiber services in partnership with Internet Service Providers to both businesses and residences where possible. We currently have expanded our fiber network to the River's Edge housing development, and also are planning to hook up a planned multi-family development with high speed broadband. Long term plans include bringing free wi-fi service to the entire city by utilizing our current fiber deployment. Too often we have kids in our library using internet service to do their schoolwork, and when the library closes, they are done because they do not have that service at home. Our city fiber network was taxpayer funded, and we are working to expand the benefits of it beyond city buildings and businesses, to residents.

Parks and Recreation:  The PROS plan currently being developed will help us to design our parks for the future, and plan for new recreation programs. We have also implemented a turf maintenance program for Skagit River Park, protecting and enhancing one of our biggest assets in the city. 

Public Works: In 2021 we will be constructing a stop light and crosswalk across Hwy 20 at Skagit St. We also have plans and are early in the process of construction of a partial cloverleaf to ease traffic heading west on George Hopper to easily access I-5 southbound. We continue to work with BNSF to eventually replace the Skagit River railroad bridge, and also find funding for the construction of an overpass over the railroad tracks. Currently we have over $10 million in projects funded for the next 4 years.